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Inauguration and Activation: Cyber Security Challenge 2018

Posted by on Saturday, 1 December 2018

Cyber Security Challenge - 2018

There are around 13 crore cellphone users now in Bangladesh. Also the number of internet users in the country will soon touch the 5.5 crore milestone. With the increase of internet users the likes of e-commerce is expanding in the country fast. Youths are getting involved with e-commerce business. Like all the other developed countries, online transaction and e-banking are now being done in Bangladesh. But security is must for online transactions.

Keeping the security issue in mind Advance Technology Bd has taken the initiative to organize the security specialist talent hunt not only for searching cyber security specialists but also to aware users and organization such as Bank, Insurance company, e-commerce sites and government organizations from cyber crimes.

Specialist talent hunt competition titled ‘Cyber Security Challenge -2018’ hosted by Advance Technology Bd. The competition will consist of two rounds. In the first round campaign and online contest will be held at more than 50 public and private universities across the country. The winners of the first round will compete at the main competition in Dhaka.

Apply Instruction

Following Information will be Required to Apply

  • Personal Information of each Team Member.
  • Team Name
  • Team Leader Name
  • Members Quantity


The team

  • Up to 3 Members.

The Competition

  • We will provide Internet Connection, Supplies (i.e. Pen, Paper, Pencil etc.) but each contestant need to carry his/her necessary gadgets.
  • Remember, Judges are seasoned professionals in the respective tracks and are free of any biasness, so Judges Decisions are final.
  • All competitors must participate lawfully. Organizers are not responsible for the misconduct of participants.
  • During the conduct of the Challenge, competitors should not attempt to intentionally render any services on the fictitious organisation's network unavailable. Points will     not be awarded for Denial of Service attacks and disqualification will result from any DDoS attempt(s).
  • Competitors must not attempt to adversely affect another team’s ability to compete either by disturbing their game environment, the supporting infrastructure or their     systems used to access the game. Disqualification will result from any attempt to do so.
  • Competitors must not collude with individuals and/or organisations outside of their teams. This includes with other teams in the competition (including those from the     same institution). Disqualification of all implicated teams will result from any attempt to do so.
  • Organized reserve the right to determine what constitutes collusion.


Student Applicant Number
University Each Team Maximum 3 Members